How To Register a Free Domain in Nepal?

How To Register a Free Domain in Nepal?


The Internet is a vast and complex network of interconnected systems, and one of the key components that help us navigate this network is the domain name system (DNS). In this blog post, we will delve into the .np free domain in Nepal, the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nepal.

What is a .np Domain?

The .np domain is a ccTLD for Nepal. This means that it is used to signify that a website is based in Nepal. For instance, a website with the URL would be understood to be based in, or with strong ties to, Nepal.

Who Provides the .np Domain Registration Service?

The .np domain registration service is provided by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. They are responsible for maintaining the .np ccTLD and ensuring domain names are registered correctly.

How to Register a .np Domain?

One of the unique aspects of the .np domain is that individuals and businesses in Nepal can register a .np domain extension for free. This includes extensions like for commercial entities, for government entities, and for corporate entities, for education organizations. The availability of these free domain names is on a first-come, first-served basis. Here are steps for registering a free domain in Nepal

Prepare Your Document

  • An official document related to the domain name you are requesting (like Nepalese citizenship, Passport, or Driving license).
  • A domain request cover letter/application signed by the applicant.
  • Domain Name Server Address.

Register an Account

In this process register your account first. Click Here

Free Dommain in Nepal

Search for Domain

Search your domain as per your citizenship name or organization name. If not available make sure to consider some conditions:

  • First Name & Last Name* (if not available go for next condition)
  • First Name, Middle Name & Last Name
  • Last Name & First Name
  • First Name & First Letter of Last Name
  • First Letter of First Name & Last Name
  • First Letter of First Name, Middle Name & Last Name
  • First Name, Last Name & Numbers
  • Note: Can change the Extension Also.
search for domain

Input Details

Put nameserver address in primary and secondary nameserver (for now you can use &, then input administrative details as per citizenship for personal domain or organization details for professional domain. Afterward, copy the administrative details in technical detail section.

free domain in nepal

Upload Final Documents

Upload documents one by one for getting free domain in Nepal.
For Personal Domain ( Normal Cover Letter , Citizenship or passport or license)
For Professional Domain ( Cover Letter in organization letter head with stamp , Company Registar Document, PAN)
Note: Documents should be less than 200kb

Generate A Coverletter: Click Here
Compress a Documents: Click Here


The .np domain provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses in Nepal to establish a strong online presence. With the ability to register a free domain in Nepal, it offers an accessible and cost-effective way to create a professional online identity. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your reach, or an individual wanting to start a blog, the .np domain could be a great fit for you.

Remember, the internet is a powerful tool, and having a domain name that represents you or your business can be a significant step towards making the most of this tool. So, consider registering a .np domain today and start your online journey!

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